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Pet Services

Our Pet Services


Do you want to be the GREATEST  Doggie Mama and/or Papa in the Planetary Galaxial Universe of the World?

—- Whether you have an Adult Dog or Puppy, PLAYCARE is an excellent way to Socialize, and Safely ‘Wear your Pooch out!’  This service offers exactly what it sounds like, PLAY  and  CARE.  The Pooch Pick-ups start around 9 am, and once we are all rounded up, we head to the Heavy Petter’s Hound Hacienda, which has a huge outdoor play area (with both sun and shade) and a comfortable indoor environment for naps and chow.  It  IS  the ideal environment for the Poochinos;  Play, Sleep, Food, Love, … and then Play S’more before I pack them up and return them home to you in the evening hours, all sleepy and cuddly.  Just the way you like ’em. –Did you catch that?  I pick them up and return them to you as part of the service.  It’s all Inclusive.  No Hidden Fees. This Service: $40/day for 1X a week Pooches, and $35/day for 2X times or more per week “Pack Members”.  * For Safety reasons, some limitations apply.


Do you need a Good Fairy to come hang with your companions while you’re away on Business or Vacay?   Each visit runs approximately 45 minutes. I make sure the water and food bowls are full, cat pans are changed, newspapers and mail are picked up, and take the Pooches for a short walk, providing personal love and attention all the while. 10 mile radius. Additional fee for out-of-range service. 2 pets.


Are you wishing you had more time in the day to spend taking your pooch to the park?  Laughing and Running, Hiking, and Blading?  —-That’s where we come in! Let us take Fido out for a couple of hours to play and get some fresh air. Dogs need tons of one-on-one attention and exercise, so let us be there for you and your pets. 1 pet.

Overnight Visits (Slumber Party)

Let us have a slumber party with your pet! We would love to stay in your home while you’re away and give you the peace of mind you need. We will arrive at your home at 8:30 p.m. and leave at 6:30 a.m. We might go for a long walk or curl up on the floor and watch their favorite television show and of course, shower them with all the love they can handle. We will pick up your mail, newspapers, water your house plants, change cat pans and do anything else that gives you the peace of mind you deserve while you’re away. Painting of toenails and pillow fights optional! 2 pets.

Mid-Day Dog Walk

We know you love your pets and want the best for them. We also know you have to work and bring home the bacon. Let us give Fido a break during the day! You won’t have to worry anymore about your companion crossing his legs and turning blue by the time you get home. We will arrive during the day to take your pet out for exercise or a potty break. No longer will you feel the pressure of meetings running late, traffic getting more congested or the guilt of not having enough time. Each visit runs 20 minutes. 1 pet.

Pet Taxi
Is your pet Mr. or Miss Popular, and have places to go and people to see? The Pet Taxi is one of our most used services. With everyone so busy today, it’s hard to take a couple of hours off. We will pick your pet up and shuttle them with style to their appointments, groomers, veterinary clinic or wherever they are needed. We want to keep your pet safe so we always use pet safety belts every time they are in the car. 1 pet.

Airport Shuttle
Let us help you take the stress out of moving. We will pick up your companions, safely transport them to the airport and stay with them, making sure they are put on the plane. Are they already at the airport and you need someone to get them and safely bring them to your front door? Maybe you’re driving in from out of state and need us to pick up and board them until you arrive. 1 pet.

Day Boarding Hours: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Must be current on all shots.
Must be neutered / spayed.
Must have ID tags.